11 Best Real Online Jobs List for Earning Quick Money in 2022

By | November 24, 2020

Are you looking for the most reputable work-from-home jobs or actual internet jobs that will enable you to earn money in 2022?

We all want to be bloggers who make money, but the failure rate is the one thing that keeps most people from starting a blog. You may be surprised to learn that 90% or more of bloggers never even make $100 from their blogs.

Businesses generate revenue; blogs never will. You can never generate passive revenue from an internet business if you can’t create a product and market it using your blog.

Finding legitimate internet employment is difficult, especially in this saturated online market.

What if you can earn money without having a blog, though? Numerous legitimate internet occupations are accessible to earn some fast cash. Are money-making scam websites driving you crazy? Are you wanting to earn additional cash through legitimate, simple internet jobs?

Are you a student wanting to work online additional hours? If so, you should read this article. I’ll be discussing some honest online jobs that can be done quickly. Instead of squandering their spare time on Facebook conversations, the majority of college students are eager to work online.

11 Best Real Online Jobs in 2022:

A few genuine and legitimate internet jobs that truly compensate you for your effort are listed below:

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1. Start a freelance writing career

Getting a freelance writing job is one of the legitimate internet professions that pay well. Do you know that 28% of Americans currently make their living as independent contractors?

Writing for clients is what you do as a freelancer. For example, you may write blog entries for businesses or other bloggers.

In order to provide writing services in a certain field (or topic) you are REALLY excellent at, it is a good idea to choose something you are enthusiastic about.

How much can a freelance writer make?

One-third of first-year writers were earning roughly $20 for a quick blog post, but the pay rate may reach up to $300, according to the Make A Living Writing Pay Survey.

2. Web design Jobs

Do you have a strong interest in web design? Do you have any experience creating logos, graphics, or websites? If so, you could work as a web designer online and make money.

You will be responsible for overseeing every element of a website’s design as a web designer, including the homepage, header, footer, unique email registration forms, landing pages, and more.

Although it might be difficult to discover legitimate internet jobs, this is a terrific one to try and you won’t regret it. Even if you’re brand-new to the field of web design, there are tonnes of tutorials on YouTube and courses on Udemy you can take to learn how to get good at it.

What are the starting salaries for web designers?

The average hourly rate for inexperienced freelance web designers is $20 to $30.
A skilled independent web designer may expect to make roughly $75 per hour (this figure can vary, according to CSS-Tricks).

3. SEO Jobs

Try SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as it’s a rising field if you’re seeking the greatest real internet employment. Almost all websites, apps, and products require a search engine presence. Imagine becoming the top result on Google for some of the most difficult keywords in your industry.

In the majority of sectors, you may earn literally thousands of dollars by being in first place for competitive keywords. Because of this, individuals spend billions of dollars each year on SEO.

How much money can you make as an SEO?

You may make $20 to $50 per hour as a beginning SEO specialist. There are two main ways to charge your clients:

  • each hour
  • each project

Research indicates that each client receives an average monthly payment of $1,779 for agencies and freelancers.

4. Blogging

By far the finest internet job there is, blogging allows you to work from home and make money using a laptop.

Despite the fact that there are millions of blogs online, if you are persistent enough, you may develop a long-term career as a blogger.

How much can a beginning blogger expect to make from blogging?

Currently, our blog BloggersPassion brings in $10,000 every month. In fact, just one affiliate product alone brought in almost $300,000. Although we started it over ten years ago (read about our blogging journey), it only takes one or two years of consistent work to earn $1,000 per month from blogging.

5. Jobs in Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 epidemic has fueled a fast expansion of the digital marketing sector.

Understand why?

There is a tremendous need for digital marketers that can assist firms in beginning their online journey because almost all organizations are moving online.

You can perform a variety of tasks as a digital marketer, including;

  • Running a website or blog (from content to SEO to email marketing)
  • The internet (from posting to connecting with followers to replying to messages)
  • Chores connected to SEO (including keyword research, site audits, content analysis, backlink building, etc)
  • Email advertising (creating newsletters, improving CTR, managing email lists, etc)
  • Paid advertising (promotion of a website or app through paid advertisements on sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.)

How much do positions in digital marketing pay?

Depending on the tasks you choose, you might earn $10 to $30 per hour as a beginning digital marketer. If you have experience, you could make between $5000 and $10,000 per month as a digital marketer. According to ReliableSoft, the hourly rate is typically between $50 and $200.

6. Work as an online teacher

Do you adore instructing? Are you wanting to work as an instructor online? Online tutoring is simple employment that allows you to make money while instructing others.

Almost all educational institutions now offer online courses as a result of COVID-19. Numerous people also use online learning resources to further their education. Did you know that the market for online tutoring will grow faster than average, with a CAGR of over 15%? By 2023, it will have exceeded $112 billion in value.

How much money can you make tutoring online?

Depending on their degree of training, most online English teachers often make between $10 and $40 per hour. The hourly rate you receive varies depending on the topic.

Online tutors often make roughly $30 per hour, according to Tutor.com. For more difficult courses like SAT prep or calculus, the rate can rise to $50 or $60 per hour.

7. Work as a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who works from a distance and is compensated.

You may provide a wide range of services as a virtual assistant, including;

  • Managing Social media (such as creating posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Upkeep of a blog (such as security, blog posting, editing, etc.)
  • Summing up SEO Web Design
  • Responding to emails, and so on

How much can a virtual assistant make?

New VAs often make $5 to $10 per hour. When you have sufficient VA experience and the ability to multitask well, you may anticipate earning more than $50 per hour.

8. Online photo sales

One of the finest possibilities for folks seeking legitimate and authentic internet careers is selling images online. Everything from stock photographs to vectors, illustrations, logos, and other items may be sold.

How much money can you make online selling stock photos?

You may get paid to sell stock images online and can expect to make between 25 and 50 cents per image, every month. By selling licenses on sites like 500px Prime, where you receive 60% net (regular licenses cost $250), you may make a tonne of money.

9. Transcription Jobs

Try transcribing jobs without a doubt if you’re seeking legitimate employment online.

Simply said, a transcription service converts voice (live or recorded anyway) into a written or electronic text file (such as a PDF, word file, and so on).

The following industries rely mostly on transcription services:

  • Business (marketing, eCommerce, real estate and so on) (marketing, eCommerce, real estate and so on)
  • Legal and medical needs

How much money can a transcriber expect to make?

The usual rate for audio minutes is between $1 and $1.50.

Expect to charge a normal rate of $.75 per audio minute if your consumers require a turnaround time of 48 hours. The cost maybe $1.25 per audio minute for a turnaround of 24 hours, and same-day service fees can be $1.50 per audio minute.

10. Translation Jobs

One of the finest online careers that allow you to work from home is translation. You may utilize translation internet earning sites to increase your home income regardless of where you live.

The beautiful thing about working as a translator online is that you may do it without a degree, however, having a bachelor’s degree is helpful. Being a fluent speaker of at least two languages is the most significant qualification for any translator.

If you speak Hindi and English well, for example, you may find a tonne of transcribing jobs to earn money online. The market for translation services has enormous potential for expansion, and even in Asian nations like India, demand is still rising quickly.

How much can a translator expect to make?

The effectiveness of your language translations will mostly depend on the languages you are fluent in. Depending on the languages you are best at, you may often make $5 to $50 for each page.

11. Start a YouTube channel

Unbelievably, behind Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine. Another legitimate internet career is having your own YouTube channel and becoming a YouTuber.

How much money can you make on YouTube?

When it comes to YouTube revenue, the possibilities are endless. Some YouTubers, such as MrBeast, generated an estimated $54 million from their channel in 2021.

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