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By | October 16, 2021

What will happen if the Internet shut down for 1 minute

Hello, Friends Welcome To Our Website Many Times My Friends And Relative Asked What will happen if the Internet shut down for 1 minute And I Have No Answer For Their Questions.

The Invention of the Internet - Inventor, Timeline & Facts - HISTORY

And I think Your Relatives Also Asked This Question What will happen if the Internet shut down for 1 minute And You Also Not HAve Any Reply SO In This Article We Tell You What will happen if the Internet shut down for 1 minute.

As we know what is the internet and what is its use. Internet is a network of all computers that are connect to each other whether it is in the form of broadband, WiFi.

Its Internet is widely used by every country on this planet be it China or India. The Internet is mainly use by every user whether it is for entertainment. To earn money, for business, or for any other purpose. Basically, the internet is like a web that is interconnected. Perhaps, some of you would have a question that if the internet is like a web, then who is the owner of the internet?

ICANN is a non-profit organization working

To make the Internet more reliable and useful. Due to Reliance Jio and Digital India program in India, the Indian population is connected to the Internet very fast. Which is a good thing.

So what if the internet is Shut Down for 1 minute?

What do you think won’t make much difference. But you are thinking wrong.

Often I get scold at home by my parents when I look at my phone laptop all day on the internet.

Mom is the most upset and says, “Why don’t you enter the phone. Don’t know what will happen if you turn off the internet for 1 minute.

I hope that if you too use the internet or gadgets more then you will also get to hear something similar.

But in this post, you will be very surprise to know. That if the internet is really turn off for just 60 seconds, then there can be a lot of trouble.

So let’s know-how?

so what will happen if the Internet shut down for 1 minute A lot can happen on the internet in 1 minute.

Data on the Internet flows in the form of 0’s and 1’s. There is 1422 TB (TeraByte) Data Flow in 1 minute. 1422 TB – 1422000 GB – 1422000000 MB in just 1 minute. Which is a huge form of 0 and 1 data. If this data is converting into human DNA. Its length is such that it has the power to cover 4.5 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. (149.6 million*4.5)

Global search in 1 minute: The number of searches done globally in 1 minute around the world. Even if you do 100 searches a day to do the same number of searches, it will take you 120 years.

Email in 1 minute: 1 minute The number of emails sent to me. If sent in letters, it will be as much as our Indian post sends for 5 years. That is, 150 million emails. Hey man, in 5 years, the government also changes here.

Facebook in 1 minute: Have you ever wondered how much happens on Facebook in 1 minute. If you don’t think so, we tell. 701389 people log in every single minute. 4.6 million likes and 1.3 million posts.

Twitter in 1 minute: 347,222 tweets are make on Twitter in 1 minute. In 1 minute all tweets on Twitter can be add to the Holy Bible that 13.6 copies can be create. The word limit of Thank God is 140 characters.

Snapchat in 1 minute: Convert all snaps posted on Snapchat in 1 minute to a 22mm reel of the same length as the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. 527760 Snaps are post on Snapchat in 1 minute.

In 1 minute on WhatsApp: If the internet is turn off for 1 minute, then know what effect it  have on WhatsApp. 1,38,000 voice messages, 4,8000 pictures, 20,800,000 messages will not be able to be send on WhatsApp.

Tinder in 1 minute: 972222 Swipes on Tinder will not happen if the internet is down for 1 minute.

YouTube in 1 minute: 1 minute when the Internet is turn off, YouTube’s content scanner are not scan the same number of videos. By that time World War 3 could end. This means to say, YouTube scans 146000 hours of video in 1 minute.

Impact on the world economy if the internet is shut down for 1 minute-

If the internet is turn off for 1 minute

YouTube’s 7.14 lakh,

Facebook’s 22.85 lakh,

Google’s 93.81 lakh,

5.38 crores due to non-cash transactions,

There will be no transaction of 1072.4 crores of the Global Stock Exchange.

In this, Shah Jahan could have built 5 Taj Mahals, that too in different countries.

So the next time a friend or family of yours says, “What will happen if the Internet shut down for 1 minute”? So you can share this post with him.

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