Best Work From Home Jobs in 2022

By | November 24, 2021

The way individuals work is changing rapidly as technology makes it easier for us to work in any place we pick. Subsequently, more and more individuals are utilizing remote work opportunities. Employees who work from home have the opportunity to choose their own schedules, cut down on travel time, and spend more time with their families.

Some occupations are better suited to remote work than others, and not all jobs permit it. The following list includes the top 20 jobs that people can perform from home in 2022. A portion of these positions is entry-level for those simply starting their careers, while some of them may require more insight.

1. Web Developer

$59,343 is the average yearly salary.

Web developers design and build websites. Despite the fact that many web developers work for large corporations with several websites or marketing agencies, there is a high demand for their expertise, thus they may also work independently. Because it takes training and experience to complete projects to a high degree, web development is not a profession that can be filled at the entry level. Nevertheless, it is among the more profitable work-from-home positions that are accessible.

2. Graphic Designer

The typical annual salary is $45,060.

In addition to other things, graphic designers create logos, original images, and landing pages. A home office location is appropriate for graphic designers because they spend most of their time working alone and alone with design software. Many graphic designers find work on services like Upwork, despite the fact that many organizations use full-time graphic designers for their internal projects.

3. Customer Service Representative

The average yearly salary is $38,604.

Customers’ calls and emails are often returned by customer support agents. Employees in customer service departments could be expected to handle everything from processing returns to assisting customers with problems. Since most client support professions just require a telephone association and CRM software, many organizations allow their client care workers to work from home. Even while more specialized customer service roles could need more advanced training, many provide paid training and are accessible to anyone with entry-level skills.

4. Virtual Assistant

Average annual salary: $40,974

Virtual assistants may organize meetings, manage contact lists, respond to emails, and more. As implied by the nature of the role, virtual assistants operate remotely using online scheduling software. Companies without a physical storefront can utilize virtual assistants to give administrative support to a whole staff or personal assistance to an executive. Another job that may be done from home either part-time or as a freelancer is this one.

5. Social Media Manager

The average annual salary is $50,661.

Social media managers are in charge of engaging customers of a business on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To boost a company’s influence, social media managers help with the creation of marketing plans and the growth of a brand’s fan base. Additionally, reporting tools are used by social media managers to assess their effectiveness and determine the most effective methods to engage with their followers.

Since so many product purchases are socially influenced in today’s online world, social media management is an essential task for nearly any business. With the use of online meeting technologies, Social Media Managers may continue to work from home even if they regularly collaborate closely with the rest of their marketing team.

6. Content Writer

Average yearly income of $45,377

Content writers offer thoroughly researched niche content for web publications. Some content writers work full-time for only one company while others work as independent freelancers for many companies. Content writers typically have the option of working from home because they do the majority of their research and writing by themselves. Strong writers with practical knowledge of a certain industry are most suited for working remotely as content writers.

7. Medical Transcriptionist

The typical annual salary is $32,673.

Doctors and other healthcare workers routinely dictate their notes in order to save time while doing their tasks in a clinical setting. All of these notes must be recorded in writing in order to maintain accurate patient records. Experts in medical transcribing can assist with that.

Medical transcriptionists listen to dictations while typing out reports. In order to perform this, transcriptionists frequently need to be familiar with certain medical vocabulary and type at least 40 words per minute. This work requires concentration and must be done alone, making a home office the perfect place for it.

8. Bookkeeper

Average annual salary: $42,940

Bookkeepers manage business income, costs, and other financial activities so that organizations may maintain accurate and detailed financial records at the finish of each year. Bookkeepers can handle payroll in addition to handling accounts payable and account receivable. A bookkeeper may work full-time for one business or multiple small businesses at once. Despite not being required to possess a full accounting certification, bookkeepers frequently need to have an Associate’s degree in either business administration or accounting.

9. Data entry Clerk

The typical annual salary is $33,562

The information is gathered from numerous sources and entered into databases by data entry clerks. Although it does need attention to detail, a good grasp of databases, and sometimes other online technologies, it is frequently an entry-level profession. Data entry clerks commonly work from home since they can get all the information they need using a computer and an internet connection.

10. Travel agent

Average annual salary: $39,820

Despite the fact that many travelers now book their own travel through internet travel agencies, consumers who have several destinations and corporations that frequently need to organize business travel still use travel agents. Travelers looking for discounted airline and hotel packages might benefit from the aid of travel agents. Since they can readily reach their clients by phone and email, travel agents may simply work from a home office. Even well-known travel organizations like American Express Global Business Travel hire home-based travel agents. Typically, a background in the travel sector is necessary.

11. Online tutor

The typical yearly salary is $36,842

Online tutors help students by offering lesson plans, tests, and educational resources via video conferencing. Online instructors frequently focus on a single subject or set of courses, making it worthwhile for students to pay for their time. Most tutors are compensated hourly. While some online instructors work as independent contractors, others are employed by companies like Skooli or TutorMe.

12. Virtual Recruiter

The average yearly salary is $50,152.

A virtual recruiter uses social networking tools like LinkedIn to connect with qualified individuals and locate candidates for available positions inside a company. Instead of in-person encounters, virtual recruiters use video discussions, email, and other online communication channels to tell qualified individuals about new opportunities.

Large companies that often hire may hire a full-time Virtual Recruiter who may contact prospects with an offer or process applications as they come in. Virtual recruiters regularly conduct job interviews over the phone.

13. Grant Writer

The average annual income of $48,667

Grant writers have a distinct niche in the field of compensated writing careers. A grant writer’s main responsibility is to locate and submit grant applications that are relevant to the organization they are working for. Nonprofits commonly employ grant writers to expand their financial efforts. One of the most challenging aspects of applying for a grant is writing the application, which usually requires a lengthy response. For this reason, it makes sense to engage a professional writer. Working from home is also a great match for the profession because of its nature.

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